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Awesomely Updated Ranch Home: this formerly typical and dated California Ranch home was transformed in a cost effective manner into an outstanding "great room" home that fits the needs of today's modern family. This video provides a template for updating and adding useful and desirable square footage to the many tired California Ranch Homes out there. Read More

The Plan 4 home at the Summerhill new home development in Mountain View CA at the former Pumpkin Patch property on Grant Road. The first release plan 4 homes will sell for approximately $1,770,000.00, and be constructed on at least an 8,000 square foot lot. The plan 4 homes feature 5 bedrooms and 31/2 baths. These new construction homes will have approximately 2925 to 2940 square feet. Read More

Map of homesites and Plans for Enclave at Waverly Park. This new construction in the former Pumpkin Patch land on Grant Road in Mountain View CA features 53 single family luxury homes on 8000 sq ft and larger lots. Homes are approximately 2400 square feet to 2800 square feet. Some homes have a separate "casita" guest house. Read More

This Eichler home on De Soto Dr. in Palo Alto CA was gorgeously updated by a clever Japanese Architect. It feels like a newly built home in the common areas. They didn't go overboard though, the bedroom wing is essentially the same. Read More

This short video details how to prepare your Eichler Home for sale utilizing smart property preparation, staging and photography. The result in this case was 4 offers in two days with the final offer being $210,000.00 over asking price. Read More