Menlo Park Real Estate continues to be an outstanding place to have a real estate investment or home, particularly in neighborhoods that have either the high scoring Las Lomitas Schools or the excellent Menlo Park City Schools. Since 1998 an averaged price home in Menlo Park has gone from $665,329.00 to $1,436,329.00: a real estate home appreciation increase of 215% over 10 years! Downtown Menlo Park is a big draw, with the greatest appreciation in the very desirable Downtown Menlo Park and Allied Arts Neighborhoods. The "Starbucks effect" can be seen in that home buyers crave an easy walk to a diversified, yet charming downtown district for meals out, simple errands and even grocery shopping. The following chart shows us that while prices have been trending upwards, appreciation was flat in 2007. You can see detailed home appreciation charts at graphs for all area cities by clicking on Market Trends. Read More

Palo Alto CA has outstanding home appreciation rates compared to other communities, even in the generally excellent cities of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is by far my favorite city to for purchasing and listing homes for sale. Why? A few years after my clients have purchased their homes, they always comment something like, "We would never be able to afford this home now." Home Sellers comment "Even I didn't think my home was worth so much in so little time..." For more detailed statistical information on Palo Alto area home prices go to the Home Appreciation section of this website. All cities in Santa Clara County and San Mateo County have their own statistical reports. However, Palo Alto also has the most expensive property PRICES per square foot and per square foot of lot size. Palo Alto's square foot prices for both homes and lots frequently exceed those in the very exclusive community of Atherton CA. In other words, Palo Alto is astonishingly expensive, and just a few miles away in San Carlos and Belmont, the prices are far more reasonable. Read More

I interviewed four successful Real Estate flippers in the last month, and was surprised at how they all operate based on more or less the same "Real Estate Flipping Rules". These flippers were working in the Greater Palo Alto communities of Palo Alto, Los Altos, Mountain View, Menlo Park, Sunnyvale and San Jose California, and typically completed their projects in 4-12 weeks. All had at least two "value added" skill sets including the following: Real Estate license and marketing expertise, contractor's license, ability to make repairs and do simple tasks such as paint or tile the property, staging skills, furniture and accessories, and in some cases, a mortgage broker license. One person was the designated "interior designer", and spent considerable time and effort in selecting and sourcing attractive materials at reasonable prices. All partnerships involved value added skill sets, and no partnerships had a partner that just brought money to the table. Successful flipper partnerships split costs, risks and value added skill sets. All flippers staged their properties, most with their own staging furniture and accessories. Read More

A pristine Eichler Home for sale came onto the market in Palo Atlo's Greenmeadow neighborhood this week. MLS # 772403. The 1648 Sq ft home of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms is located at 4072 Scripps Avenue is on a large (by Palo Alto Real Estate standards) 7045 sq ft lot (per co. assessor) in Palo Alto's Greenmeadow neighborhood. Read More

775 Cereza Dr. Palo Alto CA 94306 Read More

This second installment on the Vantage of Palo Alto "green" community will focus on some of the interior features, issues, and increased expenses new home buyers should be aware of when purchasing a home in a new home community in Palo Alto CA and Santa Clara County CA. Read More

I visited Vantage of Palo Alto which is touted as the most progressive "Green" Townhome Community, in the San Francisco Bay Area, and was quite impressed. Vantage is located at 928 East Meadow Drive in south Palo Alto, on the former campus of Loral Space Systems and the Stanford Graduate School of Psychology. Read More

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