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Woodside —Exclusive equestrian estates nestled in the Coastal Redwood Forests. Bicycle and horse enthusiasts converge in rustic Woodside City, just 31 miles south of San Francisco. Nestled among the redwood-covered mountains along the coastal ridge of the San Francisco Peninsula, Woodside is home to many Silicon Valley professionals and is one of the country’s most exclusive communities, where 88% of the homes are owner-occupied.

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Many well-known entertainers, high technology entrepreneurs and CEOs have decided to call Woodside their home, which is reflected by the quality of the community. Woodside is one of the wealthiest small towns in the United States. Home prices start at $3 million and sometimes exceed $10 million. Founded by explorers and fur-traders in the 1830s, Woodside’s developers have gone to great lengths to retain its rural character and natural charm. Homes are built from giant redwoods logged right in the Woodside area. The forest that surround Woodside are now second growth, but still awe inspiring. Residents enjoy extensive trails for horseback riding, cycling and hiking and the weekends bring in visitors for equestrian and biking events.

The business district is quaint but convenient, featuring a handful of restaurants as well as a local grocery store, a hardware store and a home and garden store as well.

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At the K-8 and elementary level, Woodside schools are on par with the other school districts in the Silicon Valley, meaning they score high on the API and are generally outstanding. However, Woodside High School has a more diverse mix of students from different backgrounds, which brings down the overall API scores. Still, students in the top tier of Woodside High School (often the ones that attended Woodside Elementary Schools) go on to attend Ivy League Schools and the prestigious Stanford, UCLA and UC Berkley schools.

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